Systematic Investment Plan

First of all, what is SIP? We normally misinterpret the term SIP. We have a prejudice that every investment requires large amount of funds and has to be invested for a longer period of time. But this is not the case. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) as the name suggests is an investment vehicle offered by mutual funds to investors, allowing them to invest in small bits and parts at regular intervals. SIP is small sum of money invested on pre-set date of every month into specific mutual fund schemes. A small sum of money is invested into mutual funds as per the convenience of the investor which in future grows into a large capital. In SIP, there are no barriers regarding the size of investment.

We will better understand the importance of SIP with the help of an example. Let me tell you a story. There are 3 characters in the story. The first one is Mr. Kharchalal. He spends a lot in unnecessary commodities without worrying about the future. Mr. Kharchalal wastes money in commodities which are incapable of generating any returns to him, for eg- gold, furniture, etc. He believes in spending all the money. One day an emergence arises where he loses all his money. All his money goes in hospitalization and he is left with no money.

On the other hand there is Mr. Bachatram, who spends strictly according to the budget and does not buy unnecessary products.  His dream was to buy a house for his family. He then starts saving majority of his income in bank. Gradually his savings increased and he decided to buy the house. But unfortunately his savings along with the interest wasn’t sufficient to fulfill his dream. He became helpless and unable to fulfill his dream.

From the above two example we conclude that overspending is undoubtedly harmful but at the same time savings are also not enough to fulfill our dreams if they are not channelized in proper way. So what is the solution for this? Is it possible for middleclass man to fulfill his big dreams? Well, YES IT IS! Let’s see what Mr. Nivesh did to fulfill his dream.

Mr. Nivesh wasn’t dexterous in terms of financial planning but he was able to channelize his money at the right place. He knew about his goals and started working on it right from the beginning. He started investing into SIP and distributed his wealth in proper proportion among equity and debt.  After regular savings into SIP he was able to accomplish every dream.

Now you may have certain questions like, from where to do SIP? What is the minimum amount? Who will guide you to channelize your savings?

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