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Welcome to Friday Fisdom

Welcome to Friday Fisdom ….as the financial year is coming to end…. we have chosen a topic as per our observations on 8 classical ways to destroy our wealth…which we can avoid in the new financial year !!

Buying insurance policies for investment purpose: Have you invested your money in insurance plan to get a return in future? Out of 100 people we have spoken, 95 have made this mistake.. Very few people understand the difference between term plan, endowment plan, etc. The current age is the age of specialization and we should go to insurance companies only for buying protection for family…

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At Arthashastra we are a team of highly skilled professionals engaged in the business of mutual fund distribution, established since 2004 having collective team experience of 90 + years covering Investments, Insurance & Mortgages.

Our mission is to make a difference in 10,000 families and empower them to take charge of their lives financially, so that they can peruse their passion and celebrate abundance.

Based on your risk profile, we help you choose the right asset allocation of debt & equity mutual funds.

We promise, if you want to live your today better & spend guilt free on things you love, responsibly take care of your family’s future& create a legacy you are at the right place.


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