7 Habits of Highly Successful Investor

7 Habits of Highly Successful Investor

So this week let us check what are the 7 habits of highly successful investor …

  1. They have immense clarity of their goals…they exactly know what they need today, tomorrow and day after… & thus they start investing early
  2. They follow strict family budgets thus they save first and spend later….
  3. They do not watch Business channels for investing tips rather follow prudent investing strategies.
  4. They do not TRADE, they invest…Trading in stocks/commodities is injurious to our financial health..
  5. They do not buy products, they buy result oriented, effective & efficient solutions.
  6. They monitor their investment based on their goals and aspirations and not on “Markets Kya Kaheta Hai”
  7. They have trusted advisors and are usually contrarian by nature and do not follow the herd.

This week’s Fisdom:

Friends the above 7 habits clearly demonstrate that the difference between a successful and not so successful investor is the mindset, clarity of purpose and discipline.

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