Find a purpose, means will follow

Find a purpose, means will follow

Life is a beautiful journey and money is the fuel of life. I always wonder whether we earn money to spend good time or we spend good time to earn money…

How about leading a life where your drive your passions and money works hard for you?

In the same pursuit we at Arthashastra are delighted to launch a video & readers blog – Friday Fisdom, wherein we will try to dish out one bite of interesting topic – focusing on financial wisdom.

To start on an auspicious note, we will start with one of India’s most respected leader, Mahatma Gandhiji’s quote ‘Find a Purpose, means will follow’
If your key objective in life is to spend good time – prudent decision making is the path to success.

Clarity of purpose in financial planning’s perspective means having immense clarity on your goals and having an asset allocation based on reaching your goals rather then chasing what is ‘hot’ in the markets now. Safety, Liquidity and returns are the 3 most important pillars for investing , & when we chase products, invariably we loose focus on
Safety & liquidity.

This week’s Fisdom:

As the father of our nation has amply demonstrated, that with clarity of purpose, our nation has attained freedom from the clutches of rulers.

So, if your goal is to attain financial freedom, just like in in any journey, we first choose the destination, & then choose the path and vehicle, similarly you first list down your goals, their tenure and then choose the apt investment vehicles to reach your desired destination well on time…. Wishing You all a Happy Investing journey…

Life Planning Sahi Hai…..

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