Investment Lessons from Champions

Investment Lessons from Champions


Friends Welcome to the 5th edition of Friday Fisdom

Friends, last week Roger Federer won the 8th Wimbledon and 19th Grand Slam singles Title of his career, the highest ever by any man on this earth…

He is the undisputed champion and a true gentleman of tennis.

In this beautiful game of life, we all too have our life championship goals… So what is the stuff that makes these champions? What can we learn with respect to personal finance from this Champion…


We at Arthashastra strongly believe that if you follow your passion, you can celebrate Abundance…

Roger Federer started his carrier in 2000 and is playing the best tennis, 18 years later too…There are thousands of tennis players around, but what separates him from others is his passion for tennis. He is regarded as the flawless player, a perfectionist the tennis world has ever seen.

In the same context, are we doing the work we are passionate about? Do we love to work or we drag ourselves to work….The answer lies in the results…if you are not satisfied with the results, time to check what you can do , so that you drive your passion.


Federer won his first Wimbledon in 2003, when he was 23, Playing flawless tennis and winning championships at the current age of almost 37, that too without loosing a single set opposite younger & stronger players, requires lot’s mental and physical fitness…He must have had a thoroughly disciplined diet and exercise regime.

Similarly personal investments require lot of disciplined approach and dedication to control over your expenses, wise use of your income & habit of saving and investing regularly.


Champions have a big vision and thus immense hunger for success. They make their failures the stepping stones for success. After an illustrious carrier, Roger Federer did not win a grand slam for 3 consecutive years, but has come back strongly purely because of his vision and passion to win big.

Similarly, if we have clarity on our goal and purpose of life and have a proper strategy to achieve them, we too can win achieve most cherished dreams.

Strive for excellence:

No male player has been ranked No.1 for as long as Federer; the Swiss has spent a cumulative total of 302 weeks at the summit. In a 2011 poll, Federer ranked as the 2nd most respected and admired person in the world, next to Nelson Mandela, out of the 54 well-known personalities in the field of sports, politics, business and culture. Nothing of this or any other things distracted Federer from his vision and he kept excelling did only what was good for himself.

Similarly in the world of investments we should have a clear strategy and should avoid getting distracted by the various unnecessary news, attractive looking products, envy of other people’s gains, etc. rather focus on achieving your goals.

Trust the team:

Roger Federer has always chosen some exceptional Coaches, including former Windbeldom Champion. Stefan Edbeg,  a new coach, a childhood friend Ivan Ljubicic a former world no 3 tennis player,  who has one of the most remarkable stories in tennis — whose route to the elite included fleeing the Balkan Wars by cargo plane and bus before living in a refugee camp.

Similarly, in our financial journey, it is very essential to choose our advisor who has capability and skill to sail us thru the ups and downs and help achieve life’s goals, like a champion.

So this week’s Fisdom is:

Just like Roger Federer, follow your passion, have a clear vision for your life goals, have a disciplined approach, avoid distractions & have trustworthy team.

This is a small effort from Team Arthashastra for investor education and we strongly believe, Together We Can, & We Will make a Difference.

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