Dipped in the hues of love and trust has come the festival of holi. It is one of the most popular Hindu festivals, and is celebrated by people both young and old. From lighting the Holika bonfire, to playing colours, to visiting with friends and family, holi is a wonderful celebration to bring the community together and celebrate the victory of good over evil.

Every festival either it’s religious or national contains a legend behind it. Holi also had its legend. It was believed that a king name Hiranyakashyap had a son named Prahalad who was a prime devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap was the rebel and had supernatural powers that he would neither be killed by human nor by animal, neither by any weapon.

Hiranyakashyap was like a demon. He wanted to take revenge for the death of his younger brother who was killed by Lord Vishnu. After praying for years he finally gained powers. He was stoic hence he decided to kill his own son because he refused to worship him. He asked his sister Holika who was immune to fire, to sit on a pyre of fire with Prahalad in her lap.But the plan did not work as Prahalad was reciting the name of Lord Vishnu throughout. Instead Holika burnt to ashes. Hence the defeat of Holika signifies burning of all that is bad.

Similarly, for our investments too, we should prevent mistakes that can hinder the growth of your wealth or pose as a hindrance on our wealth creation journey, such as insufficient knowledge, hasty redemption, reacting to rumours, sporadic investment and timing the market etc.

This week’s Fisdom:

So what are the investment lessons that we should learn from this festival?

  • Add colours of diversification
  • Play safe to avoid hazards
  • Reap the sweet Happiness of your investment
  • Avoid the greed of supernatural returns on investments
  • Invest with knowledge and trust, and any turbulance, even a fire like holika should not dilute your faith…just like Prahald had utmost faith in Lord Vishnu.
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