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Have you ever seen a nightmare where you or your loved ones come across an uncertain event, wherein a major proportion of your wealth goes into hospitalization? Well, this may turn into a reality someday….

Have you planned how will you tackle such situation?  Will you be able to  arrange the required  funds? Will you manage to provide proper medication at the right time to you or your family?

If the answer for any of these is no, it is the right time for you to get a Mediclaim for yourself and your family. You may ask now, what is Mediclaim? How will it help you? Etc.

So, Mediclaim is a Medical Insurance which helps you to meet the rising prices of medication. Mediclaim provides financial cover to individuals for treatment in case of diseases, accidents or medical conditions. It is basically an insurance cover which reimburses the medical treatment bills generated  due to hospitalization.  It covers all the expenses of hospitalization and other related expenses. In case of emergency or medical treatment you may get your bills reimbursed.

Now the next question you may ask is, whom to consult? How to get a Mediclaim for you and your family? Which Mediclaim Company is suitable for you? How will a single mediclaim scheme help your family? Etc

So the answer for all the above questions is- Arthashastra Investment Managers Pvt Ltd. We at Arthashastra Investment Managers Pvt Ltd. have specialized and qualified financial planners who are available  to provide you with various financial solutions. Walk in the office of Arthashastra Investment Managers Pvt Ltd or contact us through website of Arthashastra Investment Managers Pvt Ltd.

Mediclaim is provided my non-life insurance companies whom we conveniently call Health Insurers.  The two major categories of Mediclaim are-

  1. Individual Mediclaim
  2. Family floater scheme


Individual medical insurance is the most basic form of Mediclaim. It covers the expenses of hospitalization incurred by an individual.  The policy holder may claim a certain sum from the health insurer if he is hospitalized. In this type of Mediclaim only one individual is covered.

However Family Floater Scheme is the most ideal way to cover the family or loved ones. In this type of Mediclaim every member is insured.  Some of the benefits of Mediclaim are as follows-

  1. High cover for affordable premium
  2. Access to complete health cover
  3. Daily hospital cash benefit
  4. Critical illness benefit
  5. Surgical benefit
  6. Substantial Tax Saving