How to select a Mutual Fund Distributor?

How to select a Mutual Fund Distributor?

How to select a Mutual Fund Distributor?

How to select a Mutual Fund Distributor? , Wherein last year mutual fund industry has added more than 8000 new distributors. New and the existing mutual fund distributors will be chasing clients as the markets are also favorable and has nice track of mutual fund schemes which the distributors can show to convince you to invest. But only returns are not important to select a mutual funds distributor there are some other things you need to check for…

  1. Qualification of the Distributor

Ask for the qualification of the distributor and his team and also look into whether the distributor has good knowledge of all the asset classes like equity, debt, fixed income, gold etc. Does the distributor and his team understands the changes that a asset class goes because of global and domestic decisions or changing in trends related to oil prices interest rates etc.

  1. Accessibility of Distributor

It is very important that the mutual fund distributor you choose is easily contactable either on email, phone, or by meeting in person within a reasonable time period. And also is the distributor able to execute the transactions for you well in time all this matters when your hard earned money is associated.

  1. Does your distributor offer comprehensive financial solutions

People by large do not like discussing their finances or financial status with many people. So it is better and preferable to find a distributor who can give once stop solutions for all your financial needs and understands your finances better.

  1. Is Distributor asking questions

You can identify a mutual fund distributor is interested in only selling his fund or is really interested in understanding your requirements and needs and accordingly take conversion forward. Is he/she asking you questions or only explaining products to convince you to buy a product and not the solution which you actually are looking out for.

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