PMS Services in Mumbai

PMS Services in Mumbai

PMS services in Mumbai are provided by many but we Arthashastra Investment Managers Pvt Ltd offer a range of PMS to choose from with all unique and different proposition. Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is an instrument of investment used by high net worth individuals to invest in stocks, while some PMS offer debt investments to but mostly all the PMS are equity linked.

How does PMS functions?

There are two types of Portfolio Management Services (PMS) offered i.e. Discretionary and Non Discretionary. In Discretionary PMS fund manager takes call for buying and selling of stocks on behalf of client and in Non Discretionary fund manager only recommends stocks and the decision to invest or divest from a particular stock remains in the hands of investor.

Is there difference between PMS and Mutual Fund?

The only similarity between PMS and Mutual Funds is that fund manager manages the money on behalf of the clients but there are lots of differences between them from minimum investment criteria to investments offered to fees structure under PMS and Mutual Funds everything else differs.

What is minimum Investment under PMS?

As per SEBI guidelines minimum investments under PMS is 25lakhs and above than there is option in the hands of  the PMS provider weather to keep 25lakhs as minimum or anything above but cannot keep minimum investment below 25lakhs under PMS as per SEBI guidelines.

What is Structure of PMS Schemes?    

When an investor wants to opt for Portfolio Management Services (PMS) a new bank account, demat account is opened with the PMS provider and all these accounts are in the name of the investor. Hence, all the dividends declared by the companies in which you have invested directly come in clients account. Fund manager under PMS holds Power of Attorney to only operate the bank and demat account on behalf of the client. To know more about Portfolio Management Services (PMS) contact Arthashastra Investment Managers Pvt Ltd.

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